Why is Council undertaking this amendment?

    The purpose of this Planning Proposal to amend SSLEP2015 is threefold:

    1.  To address the following outstanding issues from the finalization of SSLEP2015 which required public exhibition:

    • Rezone 48-50 Clio Street, Sutherland to R4 High Density Residential with a maximum permissible height limit of 13m and FSR of 1:1

    • Rezone 7 Preston Avenue, Engadine to B3 Commercial Core with a maximum building height of 20m, FSR or 2:1 and no landscaped area requirement.

    • Rezone properties owned by Sydney Water to SP2 Infrastructure (Water Supply) or SP2 Infrastructure (Sewerage System) and make consequential changes to remove development standards from the relevant maps.

    • Increase the maximum permissible height to 12m for land zoned SP2 Infrastructure (Educational Establishment) and land zoned SP2 Infrastructure (Educational Establishment/ Place of Public Worship), where the maximum height as shown on the SSLEP2015 Height Map is less than 12m.

    2.  To resolve other issues which were previously raised in submissions to SSLEP2015:

    • Inclusion of previously deferred land at 874-876 Old Princes Highway, Sutherland (Lots 1051, 1086 and 1120 DP 752064) and zoning as R2 Private Recreation.

    • Rezoning of small shops in low density residential areas as B1 Neighbourhood Centre. 

    • Rezone 23 27, 29 and 31 Nirimba Crescent  to SP1 (Seniors Housing) with a height limit of 8.5m and no FSR control, consistent with the adjacent SP1 zoning.

    • Rezoning of 145 Woronora Road, Engadine as SP2 Infrastructure (Child Care Centre) to facilitate the successful operation and expansion of the existing child care centre.

    • Include provisions to allow signage on bus shelters and seats to be undertaken as exempt development.

    3.  To respond to issues which have been identified since the Plan came into force:

    • Issues associated with the dual occupancy provisions, including subdivision in the E3 and E4 zones.

    • Rezone land at the former Council sullage depot at 441 Princes Highway to permit a Waste and Resource Management Facility.

    • Include the minimum lot sizes for industrial and business zones in the LEP and make changes to the minimum lot size for land in Kurnell.

    • Remove items from the Schedule 5 Environmental Heritage, consistent with the recommendations of the Sutherland Shire Community Based Heritage Review.


    Gateway Determination for this Planning Proposal was received from NSW Planning and Environment on 8 September 2016. Council was directed to remove the following items from the Planning Proposal as these do not comply with s117 Directions:

    • Proposed rezoning of 327 properties in Gymea Bay from R2 Low Density Residential to E4 Environmental Living

    • Proposed amendments to the objectives of the B1 Neighbourhood Centre zone.

    • Proposed rezoning of Carol Avenue Reserve, Jannali.

    • Proposed removal of a stand of eucalyptus and single fig tree at Prices Circuit Crown Reserve, Woronora from the heritage schedule (Item 4206).

    These items have been removed from the Planning Proposal.

    What do I need to consider when making a submission?

    Anyone making a submission is also required to disclose any political donation or gift made to any councillor or council employee. Please be advised that all submissions received in response to draft plan will be available as a public record.

    Who do I contact for further information?

     For more information, contact the Strategic Planning Unit on 9710 0800.