Is Council closing Engadine Leisure Centre’s pools over the winter months?

    No decision has been made. This proposal is being considered at the Council meeting on Monday 16 July 2018.

    Why is Council considering seasonal operation of Engadine Leisure Centre pools?

    Engadine operates at a loss and in the low season. Each pool patron is subsidised by almost $19.00 per visit. At Caringbah it is $1.60 per visit and no subsidy is required at Sutherland.

    Closing the Engadine Leisure Centre pools during the winter months would save the community approximately $185, 000 per annum.

    Has Council tried any other approaches to address the increasing costs of running the pool?

    A range of initiatives have been introduced at Engadine Leisure Centre, including solar thermal heating, thermal pool blankets, wind breaks and high efficiency gas heaters and pumps have been. All of our Leisure Centres also use solar heating for the showers, and we have reduced the pool temperatures by up to 1 degree.

    Would the fitness centre (gym) remain open?

    Yes, the fitness centres (gym) would remain open year round. 

    What would happen to the current programs that run at Engadine pool during the low season?

    All programs that currently operate out of Engadine Leisure Centre pools would be available at Sutherland Leisure Centre. 

    My child is a squad swimmer at Engadine. What would this mean for us?

    The Engadine squad program would run as normal, but out of Sutherland Leisure Centre.

    What if I have a membership at Engadine - would I have to pay extra to use Sutherland or Caringbah pools?

    No. Your membership would allow you to use the pools at all Sutherland Shire Leisure Centres over the low season. You could also suspend your membership or extend your expiry date.

    What if I can’t travel easily to Sutherland. How would I get there?

    Please contact us to discuss your personal situation so that we can help.

    Has Council consulted the community?

    Yes. We sought community views late last year through an extensive survey to consider priorities in service delivery which best meet the needs of all in the community. 

    Why is the pool currently closed? (10 July – 16 July 2018)

    The Olympic Pool at Engadine Leisure Centre has been temporarily closed to carry out emergency repair works on a vital pipe that services the pool:

    ·  Before the repairs begin we will drain the pool so that the level is equal to the pipe and once the pipe has been repaired, the pool will be refilled and heated.

    ·  Duration of the repairs may take up to one week, we will provide further updates as soon as the information is available. Please check the Leisure Centre Website for further details: