What is proposed?

    The proposal seeks to reclassify 445m2 of Council owned land at 99R Acacia Road, Sutherland  from “Community Land” to “Operational Land” and rezone this land from RE1 Public Recreation to R4 High Density Residential. 

    At the same time, 445m2 of land at 42 Auburn Street, Sutherland owned by Health Care Property Funds Pty Ltd (Bupa) will be rezoned from R4 High Density Residential to RE1 Public Recreation.

    This reclassification and rezoning will allow Council and Bupa to swap the two portions of land as described in the Planning Proposal.

    What is Operational Land?

    Operational Land is land owned by Council which is not used for a public purpose. This land is typically used by Council for purposes such as works depots and infrastructure. Operational land may be leased, sold or redeveloped by Council.

    What is Community Land?

    Community Land is land owned by Council which has been identified for a public use or purpose. Under the Local Government Act 1993, Community Land must be managed using a Plan of Management. The Act requires that the Plan of Management must categorize the land into one of the following: a natural area, a sportsground, a park, an area of cultural significance, or general community use. In order for Community Land to be put to another purpose, it must first be reclassfied as Operational Land.

    What do I need to consider when making a submission?

    Anyone making a submission is required to disclose any reportable political donation, or any gift to any local Councillor or employee of Council. Please be advised that all submissions received in response to the exhibition will be available as a public record.

    Who do I contact for further information?

    For further information, contact Council’s Strategic Planning Unit by phone 9710 0800, or email ssc@ssc.nsw.gov.au
    Contact information for the Public Hearing will be provided closer to the event.

    Why is Council undertaking the amendment?

    Council is undertaking this amendment to permit a land swap with the Bupa Aged Care facility. This will assist Bupa to expand their facility whilst reshaping the community open space area into a more useful shape.