Why can’t the playground stay in its current location?

    The existing swings can be retained in their current location, as they are compliant with Australian Standards, and are in good condition. The other equipment does not comply with Australian Standards, and needs to be replaced. The current location is very close to existing trees, and construction works in the vicinity of their roots may have a negative impact on the trees.

    There is limited flat open space to ride in Grays Point - will there be a bike track?

    Yes, if possible, the design will include a dinky / bike track.

    Will there be toilets at the reserve?

    No. Mansion Point Reserve is a reserve which serves local residents, and toilets will not be installed in this location.

    Will there be any footpaths?

    Footpaths are outside the scope of this project, however they will be considered in future as part of Council’s Footpath Program.