July → August 2016

Community Consultation Rawson Ave Masterplan

Following endorsement of the Rawson Ave Concept Masterplan by Council on the 20 June 2016 community feedback is sought on the plan prior to the commencement of detailed design and staging of the proposal. The community consultation period will commence on the 11 July 2016 and close on the XX of August 2016. Comments and feedback are welcome to be sent by email at rawsonave@ssc.nsw.gov.au or mail Manager Traffic and Transport, Locked Bag 17, Sutherland NSW 1499.
20 June 2016

Concept Rawson Ave Master Plan endorsed by Council

In 2015 a concept Master Plan for Rawson Ave was developed in consultation with key stakeholders and endorsed by Council at its meeting on the 20 June 2016. Council now intends to undertake further detailed design and progress to the first stages of construction in 2016/17.
April 2016

Associated works- The upgrade of Gray St and Park St (between Old Princes Hwy and Waratah Ln) Sutherland

The purpose of this project is to enable the future upgrade of Rawson Ave to improve the safety, accessibility and movement of motor vehicles, cyclists and active transport modes within the precinct.
An additional 41 parking spaces were created.
The works in Gray St and Park St were endorsed by Council in 20xx. They compliment the development of the masterplan for Old Princes Hwy and Rawson Ave between President Ave and Princes Hwy.
The Scope of works included:
•New kerb blisters
•New street tree planting and garden beds
•New kerb alignment
•New pram ramps
•Conversion of Gray St to one-way traffic flow (from Park St to Eton Ln)
•Re orientation of parallel car parking spaces to angled parking

The delivery milestones for these works are:
•Site establishment - early April 2016
•Commence drainage works (cnr of Rawson Ave) - April 2016
•Re align kerb & gutter in Park St - April 2016
•Change to traffic conditions in Gray St - become effective 13 April 2016
•Kerb returns - early May 2016
•Pram ramps & matching footpath works - mid May 2106
•Traffic blister islands in Gray St - May to June 2016
•Line marking & landscape works - end June 2016
02 March 2015

Prepartion of Concept Design

Surveys, preparation of base plans, constraints and opportunity assessment, devlopment of options.
22 July 2015

Key Stakeholder Consultation Phase - Preliminary Concept Design

Initial consultation phase with key stakeholders to seek feedback on preliminary concept plans and options developed.
01 September 2014

Commence Scoping and Site Investigations

Information gathering includes car parking, pedestrian and cycling surveys, heritage avenue tree study, accident history.