What are the problems that the upgrade of Rawson Ave will address?

    The need to upgrade Rawson Ave for cyclists and pedestrians is made in response to the following community concerns and issues:

    • Road accident history of Rawson Ave
    • Safety of road users, in particlar cyclists using the sealed road shoulder and the limited  separation between cyclists and motor vehicles (both parked and moving). 
    • Poor connectivity for pedestrians between Sutherland Station and the Education Precinct. Lack of a formal path resulting in students choosing to walk along the tram tracks or walking along the sealed road shoulder along Rawson Ave where there is a heightened potential for conflict with motor vehicles,
    • Poor layout and signposting at the tramway crossings.
    • Poor pedestrian access to/from vehicles parked along Rawson Ave north of the Leisure Centre round about resulting in pedestrians walking along the roadway and hightened potential for conflict with motor vehicles.
    • Uncontrolled access points from Rawson Avenue to Waratah Park results in degradation of the road edge, erosion, and  uncertainty for traffic 
    • Open drainage culverts, unfenced, adjacent to sealed shoulders

    How will the plans to upgrade Rawson Ave be developed?

    Before any works can commence, various technical investigations and surveys will be undertaken to build up a picture of what opportunities and constraints are most likely to affect the project. The investigations include but are not limited to, car parking, pedestrian and cycling surveys, conservation management studies (i.e avenue trees and other items), traffic analysis and road condition survey, drainage and lighting assessment.

    As part of Stage 1, The information gathered will help guide the preparation of a preliminary concept plan, which will be made available for key stakeholder input and comment. Following a review of the comments made, a draft concept plan will be prepared and reported to Council for its consideration and endorsement.