The options list what parking numbers will be. What are the current parking numbers across the site?

    There are currently approximately 215 parking spaces along this length of Silver Beach (both sides from Silver Beach Road to Balboa Street). This limits recreation opportunities within the reserve and results in serious risks to pedestrian safety.

    Will we have timed parking?

    Timed parking has not been considered for this proposal


Shared Footpath

    Why do we need a shared pathway?

    To connect the existing footpaths at either end of the promenade and provide a safe path for all users along the beach side of the road with connections to the beach.

    Why can’t the path be built on the beach side of the rock wall?

    Council staff have explored this option but the risk of damage from storm events was considered too great. It would also need to be built above the existing rock wall and include full balustrades to protect pedestrians from falling. This would impede the views of residents.

    Will the sculptures included in the proposed options look exactly as they appear in the options documents?

    The Silver Beach Sculpture Walk was part of the original Master Plan, and the event is in concept phase only at this stage. The Sculpture Walk could include a curated sculpture exhibition which will be temporarily installed in the striking landscape created by the Silver Beach groynes, the beach, and views. A biennial Sculpture Walk event is proposed to enable residents and visitors to engage with the historical significance of Kurnell through artistic interpretation. It’s important to note that the sculptures included in all of the proposed options documents are an artist’s impression, and not necessarily indicative of sculpture designs that may be for consideration in future.

    Where can I get more information about what's happening in Kamay Botany Bay National Park?

    In April 2018 the Australian and NSW Governments announced their joint commitment of $50 million to upgrade visitor, transport (including potential reinstatement of the ferry service), educational and commemorative infrastructure at Kurnell. The funds are currently planned to be used for delivery of the Kamay Botany Bay National Park Kurnell: Draft Master Plan (this is not a Sutherland Shire Council project). Notably, the Master Plan will increase recognition of Aboriginal significance and help to ensure that balanced story-telling includes both Indigenous and European history. More information about the Draft Master Plan can be found online at the website of the NSW Office of Environment & Heritage:


    Why are two of the options recommending one-way traffic?

    One-way traffic would see the least loss of on-street parking plus and improved traffic flow, reduced congestion and also maximise parking in an orderly fashion.

    Will this affect the bus route?

    Your ability to access existing public transport services will not be impacted by any of these options. In Option 1 there is a potential change to direction of the bus route flow. We have consulted extensively with the bus service provider to ensure they can work with any of these options.

    Will any of these options affect my current waste collection service?

    No, your services will be collected as per usual with any of the three listed options.

    Will this project stop cars 'hooning' along Prince Charles Parade?

    All three (3) of the options include crossing points and raised thresholds along the road. These are traffic calming measures that will improve safety for pedestrians and reduce opportuning for speeding along Prince Charles Parade.

    Rather than short speed humps, are extended speed humps being considered to reduce noise?

    Yes, extended speed humps (with flat topped design) are being considered in order to reduce noise impacts.

    Will this project fix ponding along Prince Charles Parade?

    The existing drainage system will be upgraded along Prince Charles Parade in all three (3) options. This included new kerb and gutter and removal of existing drainage headwalls along the beach.

    Has consideration being given to the impact a change to one-way traffic on Prince Charles Pde may have to surrounding streets including Balboa St and Torres Rd for Options 1 & 2?

    Yes, any impacts and necessary mitigations are being considered for these two options before a decision is made

    How will this proposal stop the sand moving onto the road?

    A number of measures will be used to try and prevent the sand moving onto the road. This includes trial areas of low native planting and screening in the worst affected areas. Street trees will also be planted along the length of the project which should help capture some sand.


    What species of trees are being proposed and why?

    Cupaniopsis anacardioides (Tuckeroo) have been proposed due to a number of factors making them the most suitable option including:

    • - they are native and endemic to the area

    • - they have already been planted along the waterfront and can withstand the site conditions

    • - this species allows for formative underpruning

    Why do we need trees?

    Trees will provided needed shade for users of the shared pathway to gain some respite from the elements, particularly during summer months. All proposals include trees planted on every second boundary so as to provide minimal obstruction to residents on Prince Charles Pde.

    Can the trees be planted off the road?

    Yes, this alternative is being considered.

    Will Council maintain any new planting as a result of this upgrade?

    Yes, Council will perform ongoing maintenance of new planting in this area.

    Is reconstruction of the sea wall being considered to stop wind-blown sand and erosion?

    The sea wall will remain in its current form however there may be some repairs or modifications made to the wall in problem areas. This may include shoring the sea wall with additional boulders and establishing areas of low lying vegetation to trap wind-blown sand.


    What is the long term vision for Silver Beach?

    The long-term vision for Silver Beach is to acknowledge its national significance as the 'meeting place' of two cultures by providing robust but sensitive infrastructure upgrades that benefit all Sutherland Shire residents and visitors. The endorsed masterplan from 2004, 'The Sculpture Walk', demonstrated a series of infrastructure upgrades that provide improved amenity, beach access, viewing platforms and dune stabilisation measures to provide a sustainable beach front asset for all the community to enjoy in a safe and comfortable manner. Through the interpretation material and sculptures, locals and visitors alike would experience a true sense of the importance of this place from a national and local perspective.

    Why is Council proposing this change?

    We have been working for several years on improvements along Prince Charles Parade. This proposal is Stage 4 of a long-term plan to improve recreation opportunities along Silver Beach for residents and visitors.

    Why does this have to happen now?

    Kurnell has an important place in Australia's national history. The State and Federal Government will soon be investing heavily in improving infrastructure and visitor facilities in Kamay Botany Bay National Park, which will bring increased visitor numbers to the area. We are working to proactively manage increased visitation by anticipating user needs and providing upgraded facilities, while at the same time working to improve the area for residents.

    Why are there three options?

    Multiple options were first considered and those that did not meet essential criteria, such as pedestrian safety or significant impacts to public transport access, were discarded. Through this initial assessment process, there were three remaining viable options for the community's consideration to provide feedback on.

    Has a decision on the final option already been made?

    No, a decision has not been made. We are asking our community to provide feedback on these three options so we can understand which option is most preferred. No decision will be made until this information has been received and reviewed.

    What does 'accessibility' mean?

    This means that the design allows for people of with different levels of mobility to more easily access the area. This includes features such as mobility parking, disabled access pathways, accessible lookout points, and improved pedestrian crossings.

    What happens once an option is chosen?

    Once an option is chosen, the next steps in the process are: ·  report considered and decision made by Council ·  final design completed ·  procurement process initiated ·  construction begins ·  practical completion by January 2020.

    Who is being consulted as part of this process?

    In addition to local residents and the wider community, consultation is also being conducted with the Kurnell Progress Association and the bus service provider.

    What if my question isn't answered here?

    You can Council via email or phone 02 9710 0333.

    What happens once this consultation period finishes?

    All the feedback received will be reviewed by Council staff and used to recommend the most suitable option to be adopted. The report will summarise the feedback received through consultation, and the recommendation will be considered by Councillors at their meeting in December 2018. All general Council meetings are open to the public. For more information on Council meetings:

    The chosen option will be available for viewing on Council's website. If you provide your email address through Join the Conversation and complete the survey, we will send you an email notification of the decision.