What is a Masterplan

    The Masterplan is a high-level, long-term planning document which considers current and future users of the area.  In this draft plan space allocations for all sports and activities have been accommodated.  As each stage (short, medium and long term objectives) are developed and designed in detail, this layout may change to better suit the suit conditions with more refined design.  The Masterplan enables Council to organise planning, detailed design budget  and external funding opportunities for future work.

    What does the Seymour Shaw Masterplan include?

    The Masterplan identifies 13 features to improve sports and recreational opportunities for Seymour Shaw park which will be rolled out over the short, medium and longer term. 

    Over the past year, Council staff worked with the Stakeholder Reference Group (SRG) to develop the draft concept design on exhibition. Considerations included accommodating the sports clubs’ needs as well as the physical attributes of the site like the current undesirable grades of the site, water tables and underground services.  The draft concept design they agreed was chosen by the community as the one which best met needs for most people.

    Stage 1 of the Masterplan includes: 

    • Youth Active Sports Precinct
    • Playground upgrade
    • Re-grade of sports grounds 
    • Upgrade to Wandella Road parking

    Future stages include

    • Multi-function and amenities building
    • Sports admin building and concrete seating
    • Tennis court upgrade
    • Exercise node

    Why does Stage 1 of the draft Masterplan include a youth active sports precinct?

    Seymour Shaw Park has been identified as a suitable location for expanded recreation facilities due to its size and central location within an urban district that has a high percentage of youth and is well-serviced by schools, shops and public transport. 

    Feedback in the 2020 Seymour Shaw Recreation survey indicated community support for a new youth-oriented recreation precinct at Seymour Shaw Park. 

    Council’s Open Space and Recreation Strategy outlines the key objectives centred on planning for open spaces to support active lifestyles, now and into the future. This Masterplan supports the strategy by optimising open space to increase participation in recreation activities and support health and wellbeing. 

    Will there be loss of car parking?

    Under the first stage of the draft Masterplan Council intends to increase the number of car parks by converting the Wandella Road off-street to on-street parking and adding disabled spaces, as well as improving access to the site by introducing community bus drop-off bays. 

    What happens with the feedback on the Masterplan?

    Council will review the consolidated feedback and advise the community of the finalised Masterplan. Council will consult with key stakeholders on specific parts of the Masterplan as we develop detailed design and construction plans, with work expected to start on stage 1 of the short-term priorities in early 2022.

    What does this change mean for existing tenants and sports clubs?

    Each sports club was represented in the Seymour Shaw Stakeholder Reference Group as well as holding individual meetings with the Masterplan working group to discuss specifics. 

    As the Masterplan improves sports facilities including flatter fields and courts for playing, compliant run-off and spectator zones and new administration buildings for netball and tennis, the sports clubs are supportive of the proposed Masterplan.

    Council will continue to work with the sports clubs through the detailed design and construction stages.