What is proposed?

    The proposal seeks to reclassify several parcels of Council owned land from “Community Land” to “Operational Land”. This reclassification will allow Council to use or sell the land as described in the linked Council reports.

    What is Operational Land?

    Operational Land is land owned by Council which is not used for a public purpose. This land is typically used by Council for purposes such as works depots and infrastructure. Operational land may be leased, sold or redeveloped by Council.

    What is Community Land?

    Community Land is land owned by Council which has been identified for a public use or purpose. Under the Local Government Act 1993, Community Land must be managed using a Plan of Management. The Act requires that the Plan of Management must categorize the land into one of the following: a natural area, a sportsground, a park, an area of cultural significance, or general community use. In order for Community Land to be put to another purpose, it must first be reclassfied as Operational Land.

    What do I need to consider when making a submission?

    Anyone making a submission is required to disclose any reportable political donation, or any gift to any local Councillor or employee of Council. Please be advised that all submissions received in response to the exhibition will be available as a public record.

    Who do I contact for further information?

    For further information, contact Council’s Strategic Planning Unit by phone 9710 0800, or email ssc@ssc.nsw.gov.au

    For information about the Public Hearing or to RSVP, please contact Lucia Coslovi (Property Officer) on 9710 0574.

    Why is Council undertaking the amendment?

    At meetings on 25 March 2014, 16 November 2015, and 19 December 2015, Council resolved to reclassify certain parcels of land. Specific justifications for each of the land reclassifications are provided below. The reclassification can only be completed through an amendment to the Sutherland Shire Local Environmental Plan 2015.

    34R-36R Caravan Head Road, Oyster Bay (Lot 219 DP 259657)

    The subject land is a development control strip, which historically was imposed by Council to stop particular lots accessing new roads where the lot had not financially contributed to the construction of the road. The owner of the adjoining property at 34-36 Caravan Head Road has requested to purchase the development control strip. The parcel is surplus to Council's needs. Council’s Land Management Committee has endorsed the proposed reclassification to facilitate the sale of the land.

    Part of 2R Alexander Avenue, Taren Point (Part Lot 1 DP 234622)

    The subject land forms part of the Taren Point Shorebird Reserve that starts at the end of Alexander Avenue and wraps around the eastern foreshore of Woolooware Bay. The land is a heavily disturbed (paved) area that forms part of the entrance to the access road to the St George and Sutherland Shire Anglers Club. 

    The owner of an adjacent property at 98 Woodlands Road, Taren Point, has requested to acquire a portion of the Reserve to gain rear access to the property. Council has granted consent (with deferred commencement) to a Development Application at 98 Woodlands Road. The proposed reclassification and rezoning of part of 2R Alexander Ave for the creation of an access way adjoining the property, is considered to be the best way to facilitate the approved DA.

    Further to the reclassification of the land, it is proposed to rezone the land from RE1 Public Recreation to E4 Environmental Living. This is the same as the zone which applies to the residential lots in the area (including 98 Woodlands Road). It is proposed to apply the same development standards as apply to the surrounding residential lots. This will ensure consistency in the applicable development controls on the development site.

    13R Pinnacle Street, Miranda (Lot 31 DP 11987)

    The subject land is a drainage reserve which connects Pinnacle Street to the Kingsway. Council's Stormwater Division has confirmed that no public infrastructure exists within the reserve and that there is no intention to utilise the drainage reserve in the future. The Pinnacle Street precinct is located is in close proximity to Miranda Centre and has been rezoned to R4 High Density Residential. The drainage reserve provides a shortcut for pedestrians from Pinnacle Street to the Kingsway and hence to shops, services and public transport. It will be essential to maintain and improve this pedestrian link for the amenity of future residents. 

    Council resolved in March 2013 to reclassify the subject land to "Operational land", but indicated its support for this land being swapped for land to the east - rather than sold - to ensure the provision of a pedestrian access way in the precinct.

    1 and 2 Myuna Place, Port Hacking (Lots 9 and 10 DP 255123)

    1 Myuna Place is a narrow parcel of land along the length of the western side of Myuna Place. 2 Myuna Place is a narrow parcel of land located on the eastern side of Myuna Place and extends along the western boundary of 102 Turriell Point Road. They are not signposted as reserves and have little recreation value other than as landscaping strips.

    In 2013, Council received a written enquiry from the owner of 24 Turriell Bay Road, Port Hacking to acquire a small strip of 1 Myuna Place. This would facilitate access to the rear of their property through the construction of a driveway over the public reserve at 1 Myuna Place. To facilitate this, the land requires reclassification to ‘Operational Land’. Upon reclassification, Council will be intending to sell a small portion of the land at 1 Myuna Place to the owners of 24 Turriell Bay Road.

    9 Kingsway, Cronulla (Lot 1 DP 700935)

    The subject site was created when subdivision of the original lot was undertaken in 1983. The subject site acts as a car parking area for the adjoining owners only and has no particular public use or amenity. The land was classified as community land during the 1993-1994 transitional period of the Local Governeent Act 1993. In 2008, it was earmarked for reclassification to operational land as an amendment to the Sutherland Shire Local Environmental Plan 2006. However, this never occurred. Reclassification to operational land will provide Council with greater flexibility in relation to future dealing with the land. There is no agreement to sell the land at this point it time; however, disposal of the land is a future option.

    11 Dampier Street, Kurnell (Lot 158 DP 7632)

    The site is a 624m2 lot with no significant vegetation and no structures other than a makeshift driveway. The lot is used for informal vehicular access to the rear of private properties fronting Prince Charles Parade and Torres Street, Kurnell. Reclassification of the lot to operational land will enable Council to better regulate the existing vehicular access across the land.