Why is Council considering this proposal?

    Gunnamatta Park Cafe/ Restaurant could provide a great destination to take family and friends for casual dining experience in idyllic surrounds. It is located adjacent to a large regional park and enclosed salt water pool and offers a casual and comfortable vibe with a beautiful view of the Head of Gunnamatta Bay. The Cafe/ kiosk at Gunnamatta Pavilion has not been operated for the past six years and is in a state of disrepair. Council received Development Consent DA12/0957 on 19 March 2013 for the partial demolition and alterations and additions to Gunnamatta Pavilion to create a new Cafe and Kiosk. After development consent was achieved Council engaged Heritage consultant Architectural Projects to review the whole of Gunnamatta Pavilion with the view of providing a staged approach to the refurbishment of the whole Pavilion. Council has a long term plan for all of the Gunnamatta Pavilion to be refurbished. Council went to the market with an Expression of Interest for refurbishment and lease of the Gunnamatta Pavilion in February 2014. The aim of the EOI was for Council to receive a modern and attractive cafe/ restaurant which balances the functional requirements with the pavilion's heritage significance to assist in the revitalisation of Gunnamatta Pavilion. Through the EOI Council sought a tenant who would be responsible for the fit-out, operational repair, capital upgrades, maintenance and replacement works in order for the refurbishment not to been funded from Council's general revenue.

    What Options have been explored?

    Council went to the market with an Expression of Interest for refurbishment and lease of the Gunnamatta Pavilion in February 2014. The Expression of Interest had three options:
    1. Refurbishment and lease of just the cafe/ kiosk area which Council has a current development consent for;
    2. Refurbishment and lease of the cafe/ kiosk area that has a development consent as well as extending across into activity rooms two and three;
    3. Refurbishment and lease of the whole Pavilion.
    Due to the number of existing clubs and community users who permanently occupy rooms within the Pavilion it was decided that these rooms would be externally refurbished only in order to have the building look uniform however the current use would continue.

    What does this mean for current users?

    After the refurbishment current users will be accommodated in the main hall where possible, or if necessary Council will assist to relocate users to one of Council's other Community Halls in the area. The cafe and restaurant proposed to be operated by The Clubhouse will be available to cater for both small and large celebrations. 

    What hiring arrangements are proposed after the refurbishment?

    It is proposed that the main hall will be refurbished and will remain available for hire through a booking system operated by the lessee at times when the lessee is not using it for functions.