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    What is the Delivery Program?

    The Delivery Program 2013/14 - 2016/17 details the activities Council will commit to over the next four years, to achieve the objectives outlined in the Community Strategic Plan: Our Shire Our Future - Our Guide to Shaping the Shire to 2030. This plan is the visionary strategic document within Council's Integrated Planning and Reporting Framework, that identifies the community's objectives and priorities for Sutherland Shire for the next 15 years.

    It is supported by the Delivery Program, which establishes clear priorities, activities and specific actions Council will undertake during the fixed four-year period. It is a statement of commitment of Council resources are committed towards achieving the long term vision as expressed by our community.

    What is the Operational Plan?

    Both the Community Strategic Plan and Delivery Program are underpinned by the Operational Plan, which specifies individual actions that will be undertaken for the coming financial year.

    Why has Council combined its Delivery Program and Operational Plan into one document?

    The NSW Government requires all NSW Council to produce a Delivery Program and Operational Plan as part of their Integrated Planning and Reporting Framework. Both these documents complement one another and Sutherland Shire Council decided a combined document was the best way to present their information.

    It presents the individual actions of the Operational Plan within the context of the Delivery Program's four-year agenda. This document is supported by a separate Draft Budget 2015/16.

    The Delivery Programs' four-year periods will ultimately coincide with the terms of elected Councillors, setting out the actions they will aim to undertake during their tenure. Combining the two documents effectively presents the progression of each Operational Plan to achieve the overall objectives of those Councillors.

    What is the Integrated Planning and Reporting Framework?

    The NSW Government is requiring all NSW councils to produce an Integrated Planning and Reporting Framework to ensure Local Government operations and strategic planning are meeting the needs of the community. The framework provides an overall vision for each local government area, while establishing the tools to pursue these visions and assess the Council's success in achieving the objectives. It helps councils identify and plan for funding priorities and service levels in consultation with their community.

    This long-term strategy equips Council to deal with major issues that will confront Sutherland Shire in the future. It identifies the shire's assets and strengths and defines the broad objectives needed to protect and enhance the qualities that make the Shire a great place to live, work and enjoy.