How will the design affect shops or businesses in the plaza?

    The design creates a more enjoyable shopping experience by making it easier for people to see and step into shops and stroll through the plaza. It does this by creating a clear zone under the street awnings that is only for pedestrian movement, while in the middle of the plaza there is a zone set aside for street furniture and activity such as outdoor dining.

    When will it be built and how long will it take?

    The design is expected to be built in stages over a number of years subject to further approvals and funding. Kingsway is likely to be upgraded first, followed by the Plaza.

    Will the existing trees be removed?

    The existing trees in the plaza are generally in poor health and unlikely to thrive due to inadequate soil conditions.  The design removes and replaces these trees with new, more suitable trees to be planted using best practice techniques and irrigation to achieve healthy and vigorous growth.

    How were the trees selected?

    The trees in the design were selected on advice from an expert arborist so that they were suitable for the local environment, and for the plaza would create a wonderful natural canopy, providing good shade in summer and sun in winter.

    How will safety in the Plaza at night be improved?

    The design includes new ‘smart’ programmable lighting to create a bright, colourful, and safer night-time experience. CCTV cameras are also included to deter crime and anti-social behaviour.

    Will the palm trees be kept? Why are Cook pines being planted in the Kingsway?

    Most of the palms in Kingsway are healthy and the design keeps these trees. The design removes the small number of palms in Kingsway affected by a fungal disease (Fusarium wilt) that will eventually lead to their death and the infection of other palms.

    The Cook Pine is an established feature of the local landscape that can be seen thriving in Cronulla and Dunningham parks. This local connection, plus the tree's height and its distinctive shape make the Cook Pine a great choice for a natural landmark and gateway in Kingsway. In addition, the Cook Pine is a particularly resilient species that is tolerant of the sea air and unlike the palm trees in Kingsway is not susceptible to Fusarium wilt. 

    Will the clock tower be removed? What will happen to the heritage clock?

    The design removes the clock tower to create a larger pedestrian space or town square in front of the cinema building. Removing the clock tower creates more room for people to move about, for seating, outdoor dining and special events. The 1770 heritage clock (currently hidden inside the tower) would be preserved and put on public display. A process is underway to find a new home for the clock.

    Will the design affect traffic in the Kingsway?

    The design involves minor re-alignment of traffic lanes in Kingsway and alters the u-turn lane at the end of Kingsway to allow cars, but not large vehicles.

    Will the stage and toilet block be removed? Will there be new toilets?

    The design removes the stage and toilet block and provides a new, modern amenities building on the southern side of the town square.  The new amenities building has 2 male toilets, 2 female toilets, an accessible toilet and a small change room.

    How can the Cronulla Square be used for events and performances?

    Cronulla Square is large enough for a concert style event of 400 people. The water feature is designed so that it can easily be turned off and its space used for other activities such as events, performances or markets.

    Why is there a water play feature so close to the beach? When will the water feature operate?

    The water play feature is more suited to younger children and will allow parents to sit and relax while their children play in safety.  The jets can be turned on and off as required or reconfigured so the water feature might be, for example, an illuminated fountain at night.

    Is the temporary playground being removed? Will the playground be replaced?

    The design removes the temporary playground to make way for a new Cronulla Square. The design includes new play opportunities through interactive games on the digital screen, the water play feature and playable sculpture to be explored in the next phase of design development.

    How will the new arrangement affect restaurants and cafes with outdoor dining?

    The design increases the amount of space within the plaza that is available for outdoor dining and existing premises with outdoor dining permits will not lose outdoor area. The design locates outdoor dining closer to the middle of the plaza to allow for safe movement of pedestrians. New guidelines for the management of outdoor dining are expected to be introduced once the design is built.

    Are there comfortable places to sit and stay?

    The design includes new public spaces with comfortable street furniture to sit and relax or to enjoy take-away at a table.

    Is the lighting art finalised?

    The lighting art shown is a preliminary design and is not final. Lighting art design will be explored further during the detail design phase following this exhibition.

    How will the construction works impacts to shops?

    Council will work closely with property owners and business operators to understand their needs and minimise disruption during construction. 

    What lighting is being installed?

    In addition to the lighting art, the design includes programmable ‘smart’ light poles that provide both general and feature lighting.