What is the Community Leasing Policy?

    The Community Leasing Policy is the document that governs how Council leases its buildings to community groups like yours. 

    Why does Council have a Community Leasing Policy?

    Sutherland Shire Council owns and manages a large amount of Community and Crown Land across the Local Government Area. Council must manage this land in accordance with the Local Government Act NSW 1993, which requires that all building occupants must be under a valid occupation agreement (lease, licence or hire agreement). The Policy ensures a consistent approach is applied to the various building occupants that provide community benefit to the residents of the Sutherland Shire from birth through to retirement.  

    What are Council buildings used for?

    Some examples of the community uses we support include sportsgrounds and clubhouses, both for land and water based sports; social activity buildings like bee Keepers and woodworkers; community support groups and services; and preschools, to name just a few. In total we have over 180 buildings being occupied by community and sporting groups, often exclusively.

    When was the current policy introduced and what does it say?

    Council's Community Leasing Policy was adopted in 1993. The Pre-School Leasing Policy was adopted in 2010. The policies adopted a cost neutral approach for Council. Tenants use the building and pay a peppercorn or ground rent and in return have use of the building and responsibility for all costs associated with the building including outgoings, day to day repairs and maintenance, internal upgrades, structural upgrades and repairs. The average amount that tenants should be setting aside to meet these obligations can average $8,000-15,000 per annum.

    Why are you reviewing the policy?

    An audit of building occupants has shown that Council has inconsistencies across our building occupants with many legacy arrangements or historical agreements in place that don’t provide security of tenure for the building occupants, or the legislative protection that benefits you as building occupant or us as landlord. We need your help to improve this. Being on valid agreements will help you apply more easily or grants and reflect the valued contribution you make to the building.

    We know some occupants have concerns with the current policy and we’d like to know what you like and what you don’t like about the policy, to help inform the review.

    What will you do with the survey results?

    Your feedback will be used to inform our review of the policy. Your responses will be considered by Council officers from Property Services, Community and Sports Services and Building Assets. Your feedback will be used to inform our Executive Team and Councillors as we consider any changes to the policy. It will not be made publicly available, nor shared with other user groups.

    Will there be further consultation?

    Yes. This survey is the first round of consultation during the initial stages of the policy review. If there is significant movement from the current policy, there will be more formal consultation undertaken.

    Your feedback is important and will help inform the direction the policy review will take.

    Where can I find a copy of the current policy?

    You can download a copy of the policies from Council's website:

    Community Leasing Policy

    Pre-School Leasing Policy

    Who can I talk to about the survey or get more information?

    You can reach out to Property Services via Lucia Coslovi on 9710 0574 or email on lcoslovi@ssc.nsw.gov.au, or you can talk to your Community Services Relationship Manager or Sport Services Relationship Manager.