Why is council conducting this car parking survey?

    In recent research with our community, parking was identified as the third major concern for the Sutherland Shire over the next 10 years.  Therefore, Council listened to these comments and is undertaking research that will identify the issues and look at strategies which will inform our Parking Plan for the next 20 years. 

    I just want more places to park. Is Council going to provide this?

    We are definitely a community of car lovers. We understand congestion and traffic is a big issue facing our community. But did you know each car space above ground, in a multi-deck car park costs between $20,-35,000 per space? And that it’s even higher for underground parking – at $50-60,000 per underground space. So there’s a reason – there’s a price tag to everything! We need to think about planning ahead for the future, and how we reduce congestion in the short and long term. 

    This survey will help form up community feedback to include as part of our long-term Car Parking Strategy. This which takes into account our long-term needs, competing demands, changing demographics, future changes in technology and a framework to best manage our future community car parking needs.

    I park and take public transport, but there’s never enough commuter parking spaces. What is Council doing about this?

    Commuter car parks are often a responsibility of the State Government and local government has a role to play in this through support and lobbying. We’re looking to work with all levels of government on key issues the community is facing in future, and this includes understanding your needs, and supporting alternative public transport options. Many new developments in the Sutherland Shire are also close to public transport to facilitate this.

    Who can participate in this survey?

    We welcome and encourage everyone of all ages who park regularly in the Sutherland Shire (resident, visitor or worker) to complete our survey. If you don’t have internet access, you can call our friendly customer service team and they can do the survey over the phone with you on 9710 0333 .

    How long does the online survey take?

    The survey takes approximately 5 minutes.

    What other research and consultation methods are being used to inform the plan?

    Australian Road Research Board (ARRB) is working with us to conduct research at 11 key town centres throughout the Sutherland Shire. They’re using specially equipped vehicles that automatically capture information, so if you see a car driving around with cameras on it, understand that it’s part of our project!  In addition, workshops with our business community and residents will be held in October at a location in Sutherland. 

    How can I nominate to be part of the workshops?

    Simple! At the end of the online survey, you will have the opportunity to nominate to be part of the forums.  Just complete your contact details and we will get back to you prior to the event.  Numbers are limited so not everyone who applies for the forum will receive an invitation.

    Do I automatically go in the draw for the gift card?

    No.  Make sure you complete the survey.  It will ask you for your email address to go in the draw.

    When does the survey close?

    The survey will close 5pm on Monday 25 September 2017.

    How will the winner of the gift card be determined?

    Everyone who completes the survey and provides an email address, will automatically go into the draw.  The winner will be randomly selected and contacted by Council to organise collection of their prize.

    How can I find out about Council’s future plans in the Sutherland Shire?

    We have provided links to our 2017 Community Strategic Plan and the 2017 Delivery Plan on the survey page.  Also, Council’s website, sutherlandshire.nsw.gov.au, is full of information. 

    How can I participate in more surveys that will inform the future of the Sutherland Shire?

    That’s easy! just register on Council’s Join The Conversation site.  Then you’ll be notified of all upcoming surveys which you can take immediately through your mobile device on the go or from the comfort of your home or desktop computer. Register here: jointheconversation.sutherlandshire.nsw.gov.au/register