What is the title of your project, campaign or initiative?

    The project, campaign or initiative name lets us and your stakeholders know what your project intends to accomplish and means we can be consistent with file saving too.

    Who needs to know about it?

    Telling us who needs to know about the project guides us in providing you with tailored advice about how to best engage with those you most need to get your message(s) to. 

    What's the key message your audience/key stakeholders need to know?

    Letting the audience know why and what you want to achieve from your project is important. If the message is clear, concise, and consistent the more likely it is you will have a positive project conclusion and this will form the basis of our recommendations.

    Do you have a confirmed deadline date for when you need this to be promoted?

    Having a key date assists our team to prioritise all incoming requests and also helps us keep your project on track.

    Please tell us briefly about your project, event or campaign?

    A clear and brief description helps us get up to speed on your project. It also helps us to understand what you want to achieve and how we might assist you.

    Is Council partnering with another agency or organisation for this event or project?

    You may or may not be partnering with another organisation but if you are, it is critical that we know from the start. It gives us further background information about the partnership agreements and requirements when it comes to acknowledgement and co-branding. These can take a long time for approvals across multiple organisations so it’s best to kick things off as early as possible.

    Where can people get more information about your project? (For ex. contact name and details or webpage link)*

    Including contact names and best links to project information gives us a head start on the information we need to assist you and it’s also a great resource for your audience to learn more about your project.

    Do you have images or documents you can provide?

    Any additional information you can include supports required comms activities, eg previous related collateral, imagery, confirm best links, or provide other advice to best get the message to the right audience. Most projects need some imagery to create materials so we may suggest purchasing new imagery. If you already have some images handy, this is one way to save a few bucks in your budget.

    For instructions on how to add links from Obj docs or folders see our Handy Docs section on the right hand menu.

    Our Handy Docs section has a step by step guide to adding links, whether that’s documents in Objective, online or from your desktop.

    What is your total budget for communication and/or engagement activities?

    Knowing how much budget is allocated helps us to consider the most appropriate communication channels and engagement activity options to advise, while ensuring your costs remain on track. If you’re unsure check with your team or Manager.

    Do you have any particular channels in mind to share your message with your audience? Please note, we will also provide suggestions based on the information you have provided here.

    It’s ok if you’re not sure what channels you have in mind to share your message, but if you do it will gives us a clearer vision of how you see your project being shared. We can then work together with you to share your messages, by offering tailored advice and suggestions about the best use of channels and resources.

    Why include your name or the project managers name?

    A contact name lets us know who we can reach out to for more information about the project.

    Why do you need to include a contact number?

    A contact number for us to arrange a kick off meeting to discuss and flesh out ideas for the project.

    Why do you need to include which Division you are from?

    This information allows us to know who our internal customers are and how we can move forward together with better processes to meet each Divisions requirements specific to what they do.

    Why is it important to confirm that your manager and/or Director and relevant team members are aware of this request for support from the Communication & Engagement team?

    We like to confirm everyone is on the same page and ask that your Manager and team are aware this CAP request. This means we won’t receive multiple requests either via email or online form. It also helps us prioritise workloads across the Comms team and log and track required activities, and means you won’t be doubling up your efforts within your team too!

    Once we start working on a request, we are also committing to allocating resources from our small team so we like to make sure we are good to go from all involved at the beginning. 

    How would you rate this form?

    Letting us know what you think by rating the form helps us make improvements to the CAP process to best suit your needs and provide tailored support.

    Do you have any feedback for improving this form?

    There may be something that is or isn’t working for you and it could be a simple fix that we haven’t even thought about. Your feedback and ideas enable us to make efficient changes to the CAP process that could assist you with your project.