Why are you installing a playground at Bonna Point Reserve?

    We have received requests from the local community for wider play options at Bonna Point Reserve.  The reserve is tremendously popular within the local community and we know it is also a destination reserve that brings many visitors on weekends and over the summer period. 

    This major project is strongly connected to our shared long term vision of

    A connected and safe community that respects people and nature, enjoying active lives in a strong local economy.


    What am I voting for?

    The Kurnell community were given the opportunity to provide input into the elements they would like to see incorporated into the new playground. We have now incorporated the Kurnell Community’s favourite elements into two design concepts.

    Now is your opportunity to vote on your preferred design concept. 

    In addition to this, you will notice there is a group of activities and items called provisional /phase two-three.  We would like you to select your top 3 preferences from this group of items. Although these play options currently sit outside of the project budget, if savings to the project are made we will do our best to incorporate additional items.


    How did Council come up with the design concepts?

    Earlier this year Council’s Project Team spent a time in Kurnell collecting vital information which would help form the concept for the new playground.  We met with the primary school community, including both the students and parents’ committee. We attended the Kurnell Progress Association meeting and held a focus group for teenagers’ input into the new design.  Based on the feedback we received, two design concepts have been  prepared by our Landscape Design Team, and we hope the community is just as thrilled as we are with them.

    Both concepts have include the core elements that received the highest votes from the community. . These items include; a series of horizontal and vertical challenge climbing nets, a large central multi-storey activity piece, large sliding activities, multi-swing sets and a long flying-fox (cable ride). 

    How can I see the type of equipment proposed in each design?

    Each concept design has a document detailing the proposed equipment. These documents are located in the document library.


    Will a shade structure be included?

    Council is committed to sun-safe play and we will be providing built shade structure over parts of the playground.  In addition to this, with any new playground installation, perimeter trees will be planted to provide natural shade for visitors to the playground.

    What type of softfall or ground cover will be used in the playground area?

    The majority of the under-surfacing will be certified playground sand. Sand is being used in this location because of its proximity to the coast and as the community has advised that this is their preferred softfall. Concrete or wet pour rubber pathways will be included to access to all lower activities 

    Will the playground be for all abilities?

    Where possible the design has endeavoured to cater to all abilities.  All ancillary features, including; the picnic shelters, tables, existing toilets and carpark have considered access and have been designed with this in mind.

    What else will be included in the playground area?

    There will be:

    - a picnic area that includes tables and a shelter,

    - a free electric barbecue,

    - connecting path networks,

    - tree planting for additional shaded spots around the playground and landscape works.

    Will the reserve still have a green/open space?

    Yes, the playground footprint is less than 10% of the Reserve site. There will continue to be ample room for large gatherings to play ball sports and to picnic in the reserve.

    How will the feedback be used?

    The community feedback from this consultation will help to determine the playground option selected for the Reserve.  If you favour one design over the other, please get involved and have your say. 

    We also want to understand the additional items that the community would like to see incorporated into the playground. The items with the most votes, budget permitting, will be included in the next design phase. 

    For example if the smaller pieces prove to be popular, then several of the pieces may be added.

    If the skate plaza/basketball space are well received this activity space will be included possibly at this size or possibly reduced, to ensure that the project stays within the allocated budget.

    Ask your children to get involved in selecting what they want in the new playground.

    What will happen after the community consultation?

    The Project Team will assess all comments and feedback received.

    The options that are the most popular will be included in the design brief and advanced to the final design before construction commences.

    Will the results be published?

    Yes, once all feedback has been collated the results will be uploaded to this page

    When will the work commence?


    Start after this consultation (15 May to 28 May 2019)


    It is expected that the renovation will commence in approximately December 2019 and be ready for reopening in April 2020. As with all projects there may elements outside of our control that affect the finish date (for example the time needed for the planning approval or delays caused by bad weather).

    Will Bonna Point Reserve be closed during the playground development?

    Portions of the reserve will be closed during construction. This is required for your safety. We aim to work with you to identify alternative venues able to temporarily meet your needs. If you haven’t heard from us, or if you’re concerned that the work may impact your event, we’d encourage you to contact us. .

    Will I still be able to take my dog here?

    Parts of the Reserve will still be open for owners to take their dogs on leash. 

    All public playgrounds in the Shire have a 10 metre exclusion zone for animals as prescribed in the NSW Companion Animals Acts (1998)

    Parts of Bonna Point Reserve are considered wildlife and nature sanctuaries including the mangroves in Quibray Bay and the sand spit which forms the western end of the reserve.  The wildlife Reserve prohibits dogs. 

    These areas will have signposting, you are free to take you dog to all other areas in the Reserve.

    How do I find out more?

    Community engagement is a critical part of the Bonna Point Playground Project and we are committed to keeping you informed about the project’s progress. To find out more about the project or to speak to a member of the project team, you can:

    Call: 9710 0333 during normal business hours

    Email: ssc@ssc.nsw.gov.au

    Or contact your Ward Councillor