What is the purpose of a coastal management program?

    A coastal management program (CMP) sets the long-term direction for the coordinated management of the coastal zone consistent with the aims of the Coastal Management Act 2016.

    Why is Council preparing the CMP now?

    Council embarked on the preparation of the Bate Bay CMP in 2018 in line with Outcome 2F of Council’s 2017-2021 Delivery Program and in response to the NSW Government’s coastal management framework.  Council can progress with implementing actions outlined in the CMP once the completed CMP is formally adopted by Council and is certified and gazetted by the NSW Government.

    How is the CMP being prepared?

    The CMP is being prepared following a five stage process outlined in the NSW Coastal Management Manual.  Council has engaged the specialist consultant, Royal HaskoningDHV, to prepare the CMP.  The scope of CMP was identified in 2018 during the first stage of the process.

    What about the previous coastline management plan prepared in 2003?

    The CMP will supersede the 2003 Bate Bay Coastline Management Plan.  Notwithstanding, the 2003 plan contains valuable information that will be reviewed as part of this project. 

    What are some of the key items the CMP will consider?

    The CMP will focus particularly on the need and opportunity for sustainable investment in built and natural assets along the foreshore, including options for The Esplanade, Dunningham Park seawall, beach nourishment, foreshore revegetation and the use of the beach between Wanda Beach and Boat Harbour.

    What support is the NSW Government providing?

    The NSW Government, primarily through the NSW Department of Planning, Industry and Environment, is providing technical and financial support to Council in preparing the CMP.

    How long will the project take?

    It is anticipated the preparation of a final CMP will be completed by late 2021.

    How will actions in the CMP be implemented?

    The CMP will contain a prioritised and costed list of actions that must be agreed to by Council and relevant NSW agencies prior to formal adoption, certification and gazettal of the CMP.  These actions will be progressively implemented through Council’s integrated planning and reporting framework (IP&R) and the landuse planning system.

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