Why is the Plan being amended?

    The Plan was last reviewed and updated in September 2013 (DAP032-14). It is timely that the it be again reviewed in light of recent expenditure, completed projects and current income levels. The review ensures that sufficient funds are available to purchase all open space land that Council is liable to acquire.

    What changes are proposed?

    The following works have been added to the draft works program, to be funded by development contributions:

    Parks   Greenhills Stage 2   $220,000

    Parks   Greenhills Stage 3   $550,000

    Parks Capital  Como Pleasure Grounds frontage works  $350,000

    Parks Capital  Forum Drive  $100,000

    Sporting Facilities  The Ridge LED Lighting installation  $815,000

    Parks Capital  Konrads Place Reserve, Menai  $80,000

    Parks Capital  Veno Street Reserve - Playground Upgrade & Expansion  $30,000

    Parks Capital  Narnia Park Playground  $60,000

    Parks Capital  Blaxland Drive Reserve Playground  $80,000

    Parks Capital  Gymea Community Centre Playground  $50,000

    Parks Capital  Mansion Point Reserve Playground  $120,000

    Parks   Greenhills Public Domain Improvements   $3,400,000

      Total:  $5,855,000

    The draft works schedule also proposes further amendments, including:

      the removal of projects that have been completed;
    • the amendment to the funding value of some projects already listed for funding; and  
    • the removal of some projects due to funding being allocated from alternate sources, or, if they are no longer a priority project.

    Who can I contact for more information?

    For further information, please call the Environmental Planning Unit at: 9710 0633