Sutherland Shire, we want to hear from you

Join the conversation and help shape our community, our environment, our culture and our future.

"Join the Conversation" is Council’s public consultation website where you can respond to polls and surveys and share your feedback on a range of local issues.

We regularly talk with our community and ask for ideas and feedback to help us make decisions about Council services and projects. 

Your survey answers and feedback will help inform and influence Council decision making.

How it works 

  • Visit Join the Conversation's homepage to view current projects
  • Register to have your say in surveys
  • Subscribe to our monthly newsletter to stay up to date

You can participate in your own time, on your own device. We also send out regular project updates, community feedback results and final decision reports via email.

Council continues to run face-to-face consultations including pop-up info stalls and focus groups.


Share feedback in a safe and convenient online environment on Join the Conversation.


We’re listening

We commit to putting community at the heart of everything we do.

Engagement activities are opportunities for Council and the community to educate and inform each other about priorities and challenges.

We recognise and value that the Sutherland Shire community has a diverse range of experience and knowledge. 

We want to make the most of this to improve service delivery outcomes, understand varied points of view, identify shared solutions and build local partnerships and trust. 

You can read more about how we value public consultation that is accessible, inclusive, timely and transparent in our Community Engagement Strategy.

Why do we require your registration to complete surveys?

Participating in surveys and consultations is your chance to make a difference in our community. Here's why registration is essential:

1. Preventing Duplicate Responses: Registration ensures that each person can contribute only once, maintaining fairness.

2. One Person, One Voice: It guarantees that no one person can skew the results, preserving accuracy.

3. Promoting Accountability: Registration encourages responsible, genuine feedback.

4. Protecting Data Privacy: Your information is handled securely and used only for verification.

5. Validating Results: Registration contributes to informed decision-making based on trustworthy data.

Your registered input helps shape our community's future. Thank you for being part of the process!

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