Why is the upgrade required?

    The need to upgrade the Old Princes Hwy and Rawson Ave at Sutherland stems from

    • increasing transport and recreational demand in the area
    • deteriorating condition of the road shoulders and absence of formal and compliant on and off road cycling provisions. These factors compromise the safety of vehicular traffic, cyclists and pedestrians and creates uncertainty for road users
    • the lack of appropriate footpath infrastructure between Sutherland Station and Education precinct. This currently results in pedestrians / commuters /students to walk along the road carriageway and or tram tracks adjacent to Rawson Ave. This compromises safety and increases the risk of injury from conflict between motor vehicles, cyclists and pedestrians.
    • Inadequate layout of the existing intersections and signposting at the tramway crossings affecting the access and safety of an increasing number of road users
    • The need to rationalise existing formal and informal entry points to Waratah Park which currently result in undesireable vehicle movements, compromise safety and degrade the road edges leading to erosion.  

    What are the objectives of the upgrade ?

    The key design objectives of this project are to:

    • Improve the safety of pedestrians, cyclists and motorists
    • upgrade road and footpath infrastructure to Council and other relevant standards
    • rationalize existing access points to Waratah Park and upgrade road intersections to meet current standards and future demands
    • provide new kerb and gutter, line marking and drainage that embellishes and compliments the distinctive formal character of the road as a gateway to Sutherland town centre, Waratah Park and adjoining regional land use activities.
    • meet statutory and user requirements
    • minimize overall project and maintenance costs
    • consider current and potential future embellishment of Waratah Park and Sutherland Leisure Centre

    Who will be undertaking the work ?

    Sutherland Shire Council's Civil Operations will be undertaking the works to upgrade the Old Princes Hwy and Rawson Ave.

    How will the upgrade affect parking on Rawson Ave?

    In accommodating the footpath and cycle lanes, it has been necessary to adjust the parking provisions along Rawson Ave due to the significant constraints that exist, these include the physical width and topography of the road corridor and the need to ensure that the integrity of the heritage listed avenue of trees is maintained.

    Improving the safety of pedestrians and cyclists is paramount. To improve safety it has necessitated the provision of a new footpath and creation of on road cycling lanes at Rawson Ave. It should be noted that although the current road shoulders are used by cyclists, they are not compliant as cycle lanes.

    As a result 44 on street car spaces will be removed along the north eastern section of Rawson Ave. To offset this loss of on street parking recent upgrade works in Gray Street and Park Street have created an additional 41 spaces. The net loss being only 3 spaces.

    The provision of cycling lanes along Rawson Ave, south of the Leisure Centre roundabout will mean that parking along the road shoulder will not be permissible. Car parking surveys at Waratah Park show that there is sufficient car parking space available, however for peak events such as for game finals etc, temporary special event parking may be provided along Rawson Ave.