Why do we need a full closure?

    Council has discussed different traffic management options with Transport for NSW.  Due to the high traffic volume at the intersection, NSW Transport can only allow 5 hours of lane closure at each workday if partial traffic flow was allowed during the works. This limitation not only would significantly lengthen the duration of work, but also increase the cost. Night work was also considered, however the prolonged noise disturbance to the immediate residents raised a serious concern. Therefore after Council and Transport for NSW evaluated the pros and cons of different options, we propose this full intersection closure, which will limit the disruption to the lowest level and shortest time possible.

    Will access be available to Jenola Fields during the closure?

    Jenola Fields will still be accessible from Kingsway during the intersection closure.  However as there will be work being carried out on Gannons Road, part of the oval on the western side might be fenced off for safety reasons. Please contact Council if you require more information regarding venue availability.

    How will I access Woolooware Golf Course?

    Woolooware Golf Course will stay open during the works. Visitors can access the course via Harnleigh Avenue, however access from the Gannons Road entry will be closed.

    What are the work hours and will there be any noise impact?

    Work will be carried out between 7am to 5pm on weekdays and depending on the work progress, weekend day work might be required. There will be some noise during construction, Council will make every endeavour to minimise the impact and appreciate your understanding.

    I live along Gannons Road / near the intersection of Denman Avenue, how will I be able to get in and out of my home?

    Access for residents within the closed area will be provided at all times. Traffic control and construction crews will ensure access is maintained during work hours. Sections of Gannons Road will be opened after hours to ensure access is available for residents when crews are not on site.

    What is the reason for this intersection upgrade?

    Gannons Road has been a bottleneck within the local system for many years; the original road layout limited traffic capacity, regularly causing congestion during both morning and afternoon peak hour. The NSW Government and Sydney Trains' decision to replace the rail bridge gave Council the opportunity to improve the capacity by widening Gannons Road under the bridge. Traffic studies show the road widening together with the traffic signal upgrade will provide a better performing intersection for the future.

    Why is there no dedicated right turning lane provided on Denman Avenue (in both directions)?

    The traffic signal layout and design is managed by Roads and Maritime Services (RMS). The design was chosen to balance traffic volume from all directions, as well as consideration of pedestrian safety. A traffic study conducted by RMS for the area indicated that this proposed layout will work best for the local system. Please contact RMS for more information.

    Why is Council doing the Gannons Road upgrade at the same time as the Captain Cook Drive/Woolooware Road works?

    Council is conscious of the additional traffic caused by the Captain Cook Drive/Woolooware Road works, however this project is managed by Capital Bluestone, and Council does not have control over them. That project involves upgrading Captain Cook/Woolooware Road into a signalised intersection, plus stormwater adjustment and road alignment modification to improve flood management of the area, and is due for completion in June 2020. Information about this project is available from Bluestone at www.wbayroadworks.com.au.

    When planning the Gannons Road widening project, Council aimed to minimise the time that people would be inconvenienced by these additional works. By fully closing the Gannons Road/Denman intersection, construction can be planned for 3 weeks, rather than a 5-6 week project if traffic was to continue using the intersection during the work. The January school holidays offered the earliest opportunity to complete the project without further delays.